circus (lat. circu(m), id:) s.m. 4. fig. Confused and disorderly situation.
psychopath (from psico- + -patía) s. 2. Person with a behavior that disagrees with the social norms admitted as normal for the age, sex, age, etc., to which it belongs.

asSircópatas could fit perfectly in the combination of these two definitions. But we are also another thing.

asSircópatas has been on the street since 2003. She grows up without a dam and no pause. Find in the street and the circus the space and the tool to share something that doesn't want to remain inside. That is its particular way of seeing the world, humor, life, conflicts, solutions ... Always with the habit of doing it in a free, real, absurd, intelligent, stupid, reflective, new ... way

Thus, transforming streets into theaters and theaters into streets, and using the elements of the circus in a theatrical key, asSircópatas develops its sircus.